Our ultimate human-centred design learning experience enables you to adopt and apply the approach to your own projects.

This self-paced learning experience takes the HCD Playbook and online course to the next level through a blended learning approach where we coach you through a project you are working on.

4 star rating


Gaye McKeon

Thanks for creating this practical program. It has provided a great overview of the HCD process. Look forward to using the tools provided in the Playbook.

Thanks for creating this practical program. It has provided a great overview of the HCD process. Look forward to using the tools provided in the Playbook.

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5 star rating

From an Aspiring ID

Santhapiya Bhikkhu

Thank you friends for sharing some of your insights into a learner-oriented approach to instructional design.

Thank you friends for sharing some of your insights into a learner-oriented approach to instructional design.

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What challenges will it help you overcome?

  • Design solutions that create high return on investment. 
  • Confidently know your worth and how you contribute to better results.
  • Master all that goes into creating better learning solutions immediately without spending the time to research blogs, books and videos.
  • Influence stakeholders and get their buy-in through effective communication, which demonstrates the value of your work and your solution.
  • Launch a solution that is contextual to the needs of your learners and your organisation/customer.
  • Launch a solution that makes a difference, changes behaviour and matches or exceeds expectations.

“Love getting practical info that just makes the light bulb in my head light up!”


“I can’t even begin to explain the value that HCD has added to me! I would not be where I am as an instructional designer without it! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼”


“Well organized, delivered session. Loved it. Thank you.”


“Simple, easy to follow and all in one place. So excited to apply this! 🤩”


“Amazing presentation and great tips we can apply today!”


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Ready to invest in your projects, your learners, your stakeholders and most importantly, yourself? You will not regret your professional development commitment to yourself.

Who is it for?

Instructional designers and learning and development practitioners (working solo or as a team) who want to:

  • Create solutions that meet the needs of their users and in turn solve business problems. 
  • Incorporate a human-centred design approach into their design process. 
  • Create solutions that engage, impact and change the behaviours of the users they are designing for.

What's included?

This is the ultimate blended human-centred design learning experience that includes:

1. A self-paced online Human-centred Design Course for Instructional Designers and Learning and Development Practitioners featuring:

  • Insights from our studio, our clients and others in the world successfully using the human-centred design approach. 

  • The human-centred design approach that we use so that you can apply it to your projects. 

  • Videos of our team running activities so you are better prepared for running them yourself.

  • A case study to show you how human-centred design looks in our instructional design and eLearning world.

  • Practical opportunities for you to complete this course as if you were being coached through your own project.

  • Podcast conversations of our team discussing human-centred design and how it can be applied practically. 

  • Links to tools and resources to support you in using human-centred design for your projects. 

2. A Human-centred Design Playbook for Instructional Designers and Learning and Development Practitioners, featuring templates and resources that enable you to apply the approach to your projects in a practical way.

3. 2 x hours of personal coaching that provides you with one-on-one support from one of our human-centred design practitioners. This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to apply the approach to your context and ask customised questions. 

4. 4 x 2 hour accountability coaching sessions that provide an invaluable opportunity to ask questions relevant to your project.

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About the Authors

Kim Tuohy

A down-to-earth chick with a passion for creating learning that inspires, and a passion for supporting and developing others.

Hannah Grennan

An energetic and passionate learning designer, who 'fan girls' over human-centred design and has a strong desire to support others in the industry.

This course has been designed by the founder of Belvista Studios, Kim Tuohy, in partnership with Hannah Grennan, a learning experience designer (with a background in Psychology, as well as an interest in humans and how we design for them). 

Kim has a strong interest in human-centred design and has been researching the approach, presented to others in the industry on how to apply it and ultimately has incorporated it into the processes used at Belvista Studios. 

Kim is inspired to share her knowledge and experience of using human-centred design and feels confident that it will add value to others in the industry.


  • Can I skip steps in the process and still receive a successful result?

    The more HCD steps that you take in the process, the better the results. We understand that project scopes vary and that you may not have the resources to adopt the complete HCD process. That is okay. Incorporating at least some form of HCD into your project process will still contribute to improved results.

  • What if I cannot gain access to my users?

    That is okay. Activities can be based on assumptions and research, allowing you to empathise to a certain extent without jumping in and designing something for them without considering them at all. At the very least, we recommend that you create a persona.

  • What resources do you recommend to further support my learning in HCD?

    There is so much available on the internet. Look for YouTube videos, articles, models and podcasts with a simple Google of, “How to apply human-centred design”.

  • Are there any types of projects where HCD does not add value?

    We have not come across any yet.

  • How do you handle a diverse range of users? E.g. An organisation with multiple professions and teams.

    If you have more than one type of user, that is okay. You can complete the HCD processes/tools for each type of user and consider them in how you design your solution.

"To be effective, we need to develop solutions that align with the people that we are designing for. By creating solutions that speak to and meet our users’ needs, we are better able to meet business goals. Our users themselves are the levers for change."

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