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How this course will help your career:

  • Design solutions that create high return on investment. 
  • Confidently know your worth and how you contribute to better results.
  • Master all that goes into creating better learning solutions immediately without spending the time to research blogs, books and videos.
  • Influence stakeholders and get their buy-in through effective communication, which demonstrates the value of your work and your solution.
  • Launch a solution that is contextual to the needs of your learners and your organisation/customer.
  • Launch a solution that makes a difference, changes behaviour and matches or exceeds expectations.

“I feel like there are so many possibilities for my career now. Human-centred design can be applied to many industries and I feel like I can add more value to my current and future workplaces as a result of it. I definitely feel more confident as an instructional designer.”

A Belvista Studios' HCD student

“I really valued the tips Kim shared through the group coaching. These were a well of knowledge. Hearing how Belvista Studios’ does things, as well as the stories from my peers, were so incredibly valuable. This kind of sharing provided me with more confidence and also I learnt from other people’s mistakes and will make sure they don’t happen to me! Lol.”

A Belvista Studios' HCD student

You will learn everything you need to know to apply human-centred design to learning solutions.

Our ultimate human-centred design learning experience enables you to adopt and apply the HCD approach to your own projects.

This learning experience is a blended learning approach where we coach you through a project you are working on with a group of practitioners pursuing similar professional goals to you.

“The human-centred design process provided clarity to my instructional design process. From nailing down learning objectives aligned to an agreed goal, through to storyboarding, I had accountability through the process to create the most effective training solution for my learners. Learning how Belvista Studios’ approaches this was a bonus through the coaching. It wasn’t part of the course specifically but the team were so generous with sharing this when we asked in the group coaching.”

A Belvista Studios' HCD student

“I’ve been doing instructional design for a looooong time. I was stuck in my ways. It’s hard to admit that but as a learning designer, we must practice what we preach and continuously develop ourselves. I’m so glad I participated. My toolkit is stronger and more effective now.”

A Belvista Studios' HCD student

“The combined use of all three, the playbook, online course and coaching was invaluable. I found myself going back to the playbook to use the templates, going through the online course to watch some of the role plays prior to actually doing it myself and then seeking clarification and feedback after each part of the process to learn what I could do better next time.”

A Belvista Studios' HCD student

Our learners tell us that the solutions we create are valuable and our clients ask us to train their team in our process.

As the worlds of instructional design, learning and development, change management, marketing, user experience design, product design, psychology and others start to merge, we have found that human-centred design allows us to stay relevant as our stakeholders expect more from us.

We are inspired to share this approach with others in the industry, so that you too can experience the results that we do and ultimately meet your personal and professional goals.

Ready to invest in your projects, your learners, your stakeholders and most importantly, yourself? You will not regret your professional development commitment to yourself.

Who is it for?

  • Current/aspiring instructional designers
  • Teachers and those in higher education
  • Learning and development practitioners
  • Change managers
  • Those with qualifications and those without.

Who want to:

  • Create solutions that meet the needs of their users and in turn solve business problems. 
  • Incorporate a human-centred design approach into their design process. 
  • Create solutions that engage, impact and change the behaviours of the users they are designing for.

What's included?

This is the ultimate blended human-centred design learning experience that includes:

1. Personal coaching

2 x hours of personal coaching that provides you with one-on-one support from one of our human-centred design practitioners. This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to apply the approach to your context and ask customised questions. Use it as required throughout the experience.

2. Group coaching

4 x 2 hour accountability coaching sessions that provide an invaluable opportunity to ask questions relevant to your project and learn from your cohort too.

3. An online course

An online Human-centred Design Course for Instructional Designers and Learning and Development Practitioners featuring:

  • Insights from our studio, our clients and others in the world successfully using the human-centred design approach. 

  • The human-centred design approach that we use so that you can apply it to your projects. 

  • Videos of our team running activities so you are better prepared for running them yourself.

  • A case study to show you how human-centred design looks in our instructional design and eLearning world.

  • Practical opportunities for you to apply the HCD process to your projects.

  • Podcast conversations of our team discussing human-centred design and how it can be applied practically. 

  • Links to tools and resources to support you in using human-centred design for your projects. 

4. Step-by-step playbook

A Human-centred Design Playbook for Instructional Designers and Learning and Development Practitioners, featuring templates and resources that enable you to apply the approach to your projects in a practical way.

5. On-the-job application.

As you progress through the program you will have the opportunity to apply your learning to your projects.

“Love getting practical info that just makes the light bulb in my head light up!”

A Belvista Studios' HCD student

“Simple, easy to follow and all in one place. So excited to apply this! 🤩”

A Belvista Studios' HCD student

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Course Topics

Course Schedule

This is an 8 week experience with group coaching every 2 weeks.

About the Coach

Kim Tuohy

A down-to-earth chick with a passion for creating learning that inspires, and a passion for supporting and developing others.

This course has been designed by the founder of Belvista Studios, Kim Tuohy, in partnership with Hannah Grennan, a learning experience designer (with a background in Psychology, as well as an interest in humans and how we design for them). 

Kim has a strong interest in human-centred design and has been researching the approach, presented to others in the industry on how to apply it and ultimately has incorporated it into the processes used at Belvista Studios. 

Kim is inspired to share her knowledge and experience of using human-centred design and feels confident that it will add value to others in the industry.

5 star rating

Include HCD In Your Workflow

Nathalie Alexander

I’ve been providing e-learning solutions for many years to many clients. I am convinced that as learning designers we can never stop learning, but have a responsibility to our stakeholders to keep challenging ourselves. When I stumbled over Belvis...

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I’ve been providing e-learning solutions for many years to many clients. I am convinced that as learning designers we can never stop learning, but have a responsibility to our stakeholders to keep challenging ourselves. When I stumbled over Belvista Studio’s HCD training hints on Instagram I was immediately intrigued. An organized process that would help me put the learners at the center of my training solutions? I am all here for that. Throughout the 6-week training with Kim and other learners, we worked through our current projects, and I could immediately apply HCD to my current progress. The beauty of Belvista Studio’s HCD playbook is that you can apply even a little and it will go a long way. Of course, now that I’ve been diving deep into HCD I apply as much as I can to every phase of the solutions I provide to my clients – and the response has been exhilarating. HCD makes sense on every level and you don’t have to take anybody’s word for it. Real-life everyday examples show that HCD works. All the successful companies have used it in their process. Do yourself a favor, even if you have been providing training for years and have your process, find ways to include HCD into your process and grow – for the sake of your learners and yourself.

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  • Do you have payment plans?

    Yes! It's AUD$529.65 paid over 3 months. Type the following URL into your browser to enrol and apply the payment plan price: https://creatorhub.belvistastudios.com/enroll/2756273?price_id=3585446

  • What is the difference between this and the self-paced HCD Ultimate Kit?

    The benefit of this learning experience is the community. You will learn with others who have similar desires and interests to you, who likely want to develop their skills and impact their learners better. As you go through it with others, you will learn from each other and your respective projects. To enrol in the self-paced experience, type this URL into your browser: https://creatorhub.belvistastudios.com/courses/hcd-ultimate-kit

  • When will the group coaching be held?

    Thursday's at 7AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) for 2 hours. Session 1: 18 January 2024, Session 2: 1 February 2024, Session 3: 15 February 2024, Session 4: 29 February 2024. If you can't make it, the sessions will be recorded. You will gain access to the learning content as soon as you enrol.

  • What is the time commitment required each fortnight?

    Take a look at the course schedule for our recommended commitment.

  • What if I cannot commit to the course schedule?

    You do not have to attend the group coaching sessions live as they will be recorded. Your project may be at a different stage to others and that is ok. If the 8 week committment does not suit your schedule, we recommend you enrol in the self-paced version, which is more flexible, however, you may not be completing it with others: https://creatorhub.belvistastudios.com/courses/hcd-ultimate-kit

  • Do I need a project to participate?

    Ideally you will use a current project or be thinking about a future project that you want to apply this learning experience to. If you don't have one, you will still get a lot of value for future application.

  • How long will I have access for?

    Forever (as long as we exist).

  • I can't make this cohort. Will there be another?

    We run this 4 times a year (January, April, July and October). Be aware that prices may change. You can enrol in the self-paced version at any time: https://creatorhub.belvistastudios.com/courses/hcd-ultimate-kit

  • What if I cannot share my project for privacy reasons?

    Share as much context as you can without disclosing private information. The benefit of this community cohort approach is that you will learn with others by sharing. You are accountable for what you disclose as sessions are recorded and available to anyone who undertakes the experience too.

  • What if I decide I cannot commit to the cohort after I sign up?

    You need to take responsibility here and only sign up if you can commit. The live group coaching is recorded for you to watch later at your convenience and you have your individual coaching too. We will not move you to a later cohort or refund you the cohort fees if you decide that you are not able to complete the requirements after you have signed up. If you want to do it at your own pace due to other commitments, we recommend undertaking the self-paced version that is not aligned to a schedule. Email [email protected] to upgrade to this option.

"To be effective, we need to develop solutions that align with the people that we are designing for. By creating solutions that speak to and meet our users’ needs, we are better able to meet business goals. Our users themselves are the levers for change."

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