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Do your clients often ask for changes to be made to ‘completed’ projects?

This User Acceptance Testing Approval template represents official approval that the solution your client has received is fit for purpose and the project can therefore be approved and signed-off. 

It also specifies the process for changes and fixes beyond the project close date and welcomes feedback on their experience of working with you. 

Imagine that you complete a project.

A month later the client asks for amendments to be made to it.

If you have not officially closed-off the project, the client may expect you to make these changes. This can result in very difficult situations.

These situations can:

  • Put yourself at risk of going over budget

  • Result in an unsatisfied client

  • Put you in a position of working on a project that never ends. 

These are situations that you want to avoid.

The template also enables you to receive feedback from your client, helping you improve your craft and potentially providing you with testimonials.

What's included?

A User Acceptance Testing Approval template specific to eLearning modules.

This template provides you with the confidence that:

  • when a project is complete, you won’t need to work on it again unless quoted as a separate project. 

  • your client is 100% satisfied with the final product. 

  • the solution works in the client’s environment and to the standard expected.

What reassurance will it help you create in the eyes of your client?

  • Provides them with the opportunity to check that the solution is fit for purpose and works in their environment. 

  • Provides them with clarity on the process of making changes beyond the project close date. 

  • Gives them the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience of working with you (especially if they will work with you again in the future).

Who is it for?

Instructional design or eLearning freelancers, consultants and agencies who want to:

  • Officially close projects.

  • Ensure that their clients are satisfied with the end-solution.

About the Author

Kim Tuohy

A down-to-earth chick with a passion for creating learning that inspires, and a passion for supporting and developing others.

Kim is the founder of Belvista Studios, an award-winning instructional design and eLearning studio. She has significant experience in the industry, being involved in not only the hands-on aspects of the instructional designer role though also the business building and marketing aspects of the industry. She is a passionate eLearning and online learning creator with a background in organisational development, corporate training and graphic design. This extensive experience has led her to coach and mentor others in the industry, aligning with her passion for supporting and helping others to be the best that they can be. Her passion for her craft shows in everything she does and she would say that launching Belvista Studios is something she has been preparing for since she was 12 years old.

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